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The Artwork of Thomas M. Drew


Growing up with "Drew" as your last name and being artistically inclined doesn't leave with you too many options in life; but I like to draw. I also paint and sculpt too, but my last name isn't Drewpaintedandsculpts, know-what-I'm-sayin'? 

Anyway, sometimes I just use pencil. Sometimes I use ink. Other times I use colored pencils, paint, and computer. Most of the time I mix them up. That's mixed media. 

So, what do I draw? Well, deeper than the obvious subject matter of monsters, skulls, apocalyptic scenes, mythological symbols and portraitures of invented cultures, I'm trying to create a seamless narrative that may seem more familiar to the subconscious. A "transcendental language", if you will, to discuss my perspectives on reality, my spiritual and societal beliefs, and that which I am unable to express in words. 

Other times, I just draw monsters, skulls, and stuff. Or paint them. Or sculpt them. 


City Wide Open Studios ArtSpace, New Haven, CT 2013
City Wide Open Studios ArtSpace, New Haven, CT 2012
TotallyTerror Madison Art Cinemas, Madison, CT 2010
April's Fools No Regrets Gallery & Tattoo, Naugatuck, CT 2009
Artwell Group Show Artwell, Torrington, CT 2009


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